Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Senior Missionary Couples Conference 2009

Wednesday, the 18th, we met E/S Weeks, E/S Zaugg, and President and Sister Jackson at the Delhi airport, then flew to Kathmandu, Nepal, for our annual senior missionary couples conference. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time as you might expect. It turned out to be a fun adventure and a rejuvenating break from the mission work.

Our first view of the Himalayas.

Descending into the Kathmandu Valley the views we had were amazing.

L-R Elder Earl, Sister Borland, Sister Earl greet Sister Jackson and the new arrivals. You can't really see one, but we were each presented a candy lei. What a great welcome we had!!

Leaving the airport, I spotted a golf course, but it was not on our agenda. We were headed to Nagarkot to stay overnight before returning to Kathmandu in the morning.

You can get a glimpse of how vertical our hotel was. This is from the balcony on the floor we stayed on. What a climb to get there!

Note the jackets. It was cold!!

My sweetheart, the Himalayas, and a Buddist, I believe, temple spire poking into the picture.

Sister Tanner captured this early morning shot by paying the price and getting up in the dark and cold. We were at 7,200 ft and those peaks are about 4 times as high.

On to breakfast. The hot chocolate was great and a good hand warmer. Note the sweaters and coats at breakfast.

On the way down, we were stopped briefly and tried to get this little guy to respond with a smile. This was about it. I don't think his morning may have been going as well as ours.

The farming terraces are beautiful in the morning sun.

Lower elevation, warm sun, and the coat is off.

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