Thursday, December 3, 2009

Delhi District YSA Conference

The Delhi District held a Young Single Adult conference on November 27-29th near the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in southern Rajasthan. We were asked to put on a dating, courtship, and temple marriage workshop and to conduct a speed dating activity for all of those attending, just over a 100. There were 4 workshops so those attending were divided into 4 groups and rotated through each workshop, 2 Friday evening and 2 Saturday morning after we returned from the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve tour. The YSAs enjoyed the speed dating activity and really got into it. We completely enjoyed the workshop experience and had a lot of fun although the church and Indian cultural gaps in first generation members make dating and courtship challenging subjects to effectively communicate on.

We left Friday morning at 6 AM for a 9 hour trip by car to the resort where the conference was held and headed home immediately after we finished the last workshop Saturday afternoon. We made it home just before 11 PM Saturday night satisfied that we had done well. With so many of our active members (5) attending the conference and 2 more out of town for another reason, I felt it necessary to get back and be at the branch on Sunday. The conference concluded with a testimony meeting on Sunday morning that we would have loved to be at.

We overflowed into the eating tent, but here is a shot of part of the speed dating activity going strong.

Saturday morning we were up and ready to leave for the Tiger Reserve at 6:30, but paperwork delays kept us waiting an hour.
Here is a group from the Delhi 1st Branch, cold.

The Noida Branch YSAs including a couple of men being taught by the missionaries. L-R back Elder Tanner, Laxman, Timothy, Roma Hukil, Sister Tanner, Sonia Hukil, L-R front Barnad Singh, Dhirendra (Robin) Baisoya, and Dennis Thomas

We were picked up at the resort and toured the Reserve in vehicles like this called a canter. There are 5 or 6 tour routes inside the Reserve and we all went on a different one.

Fort on top of the hill in the Ranthambhore Reserve.

Two of our groups actually saw one or more tigers. Our group saw what appears to be a fresh tiger paw print and notice the deer track right in front of it, hmmmmm?

Did I mention it was cold in the early AM?

Where is Carmen Kingfisher?

This turkey vulture had a snake in its beak as we came down the road. We stopped as it ran away from us, then it stopped and we watched it have breakfast.

Some ladies in the parking area below the fort. I just love the colors, the reason for including the picture.

If you look in the center of the picture, you'll see a good reason to pass on swimming in this pond.

And a trip to Rajasthan would not be complete without a camel picture or two. These are a couple of Sister Tanner's favorites.

What is the old saying, a face only a mother could love. Actually, he's quite a regal beast all things considered.

I had to include another Rajasthani exclusive. This is a cousin to the green and yellow autos so prevalent in Delhi and Noida, but tricked out to beat all.

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