Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Auto Driver, Faith, and Relief Society

March 15, 2009

Now that we meet in Sector 2, we have to take a 15-20 minute auto ride to get to church. Last Sunday, our first meeting in the new location, (Elder) Bharat Kumar Vanjarpu rode home with us and talked to the driver and got him to agree to come and pick us up each Sunday morning and come back for the return trip after church. He agreed to come next Sunday at 8:30 AM. No contact all week and I figured it would be a miracle if he showed up on time, if at all. I had looked outside and hadn't seen anyone, so I figured we'd need to go catch an auto on the street outside the sector. When Sister Tanner and I walked to the gate, there he was waiting in the shade across the street and down a little out of sight from our window. We had prayed before leaving and the answer was waiting before we prayed. Oh me of little faith.

This is something Sister Tanner wrote that needs to be shared and I second her comment about our great church meetings today. Read on:

"We had great church meetings today with lots of investigators. President and Sister Ricks were there, and at the end of Sacramet meeting he asked if he could take a picture of the congregation. He said he wanted to send it to Bangalore to show them that we're nearly outgrowing our new facility already!! What a wonderful problem!! There actually were about the same number as last week, but nearly all were different investigators and most of them actually stayed for the full block!! There were actually 10 ladies in Relief Society today and Hannah Smith had been asked to give a lesson. Being just 13 years old and quite shy, it was a challenge for her. But bless her heart, she did it and did a very nice job!! The lesson was on "Callings in the Church", so what a great example she was in standing in front of all the Relief Society ladies!! That's the way it is sometimes -- we may be scared to death, but the Lord really steps in after we've done all we can and makes everything alright, if we go ahead in faith. We were all sisters in there, and there was much love and encouragement given to her -- just like a real Relief Society!!"
Noida Branch Relief Society today - half of them are investigators, and they stayed for the whole block - wahoo!!

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