Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our New Branch Building and Holi Day

Pictures from 3 events of the past week. We held our first meeting in the new branch building. It is not completely finished, but it was close enough to allow us to use it last Sunday. The church has rented the first floor of the building except for a small office in the right front. Even though it is in a commercial/industrial area, the owner did not want us to display the church sign permanently so it will be put up Sunday mornings only during services. This is a good day to stay indoors for reasons you'll read later. Good opportunity to update the blog.

A real sacrament table and a pulpit to speak from with a good sound system. The right side is a series of class rooms. We love it. Robin, Sister Tanner, and Elder Tanner were asked to speak the first Sunday

Our little group for our first Sunday in the new building. 6 investigators among the members and elders.

Sister Smith, Hannah Smith, Sister Archana the RS president, Sister Tanner. Two of our faithful sisters did not make it today. Getting a block mindset established is still a challenge for some so there are many that leave after sacrament meeting.

A baptismal font and changing area is being built on the roof of the building. It is quite a hike to get up there, but consider it the first steps on the path towards heaven ...

We have zone conferences every 6 weeks after transfers. One was held yesterday, March 10th, the day before Holi.

Holi is a day in India where colors get thrown on everyone. From powders, to colored water in squirt guns, to foam cans of color, to creams that are smeared on by hand. Two of our elders thought it was all over by 1 PM so they ventured over to the market area since it was P-day and they needed some things. They got caught and here is the result. After they were colored, they were given some "sweets". I'm told it will take a couple of weeks for the color to go completely from the skin depending on the number of showers and scrubbings. The clothes will retain color stains permanently.

Don't ask about the origins of this practice, there must be at least 3 versions and I don't recall them well enough to write anything. Something to Google if you want to know more.

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