Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip to Meerut, UP, Sunday Dinner

Saturday, February 28, 2009

IAP held a First Golden Minute training event in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, and invited us to attend and represent Latter-day Saint Charities (LDSC). It was only 60 km away, so we thought the drive would be easy since it was going away from Delhi and supposedly less traffic. Should have known better. 2.5 hours later we arrived 30 minutes late and found they had been waiting for us to begin. Such is life and there was another group of IAP officers that made it even later than we did coming from the Delhi airport.

The training was held at the Anand Hospital, a new facility only 1.5 years old. The administrator gave us a tour before we left and it was very nice.

I was asked to speak to begin the session and I was so fast Sister Tanner could not get picture. It wasn't our show, so expressing thanks, etc. didn't take long.
IAP had set up 6 practice session rooms. This is a shot of one of them. They had the drill down and did an excellant job of organizing and conducting the training.

Some shots from the trip down and back. This is a "rent a boom box on wheels" outfit that can go to weddings or any other activity requiring loud noise to keep the neighbors awake.

A view of traffic when we hit one of the many commercial areas on the road. Also a close up view of one of the "autos" we're always writing about.

Grapes are on and are they good.

A patty cake factory. The water buffalo, cows, etc. manure is mixed and worked by hand into the round "cakes" and then sun dried. Once dried, they are stacked for use later on to fuel cooking fires.

Sunday, March 1st, Sister Tanner feed the world. L-R, Elder Tanner, Robin, Elder Patha, Elder Carmen, Elder Gangipogu, Elder Swanborough, Elder Adari, Elder Siyyadri, Bharack Kumar Vangaripu, Daniel Jayakaran. Daniel is the church's facilities person and is stationed in Bangalore. He was here to check progress on our new branch building.
In our front yard and a beautiful day.

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