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March 13-14, 2008

For quite awhile, Sister Tanner has wanted/needed shelves in the kitchen to store canned goods, etc. on. We have some cupboards, but not nearly big enough to keep what we need. When we do go to a store that carries some of the things we had at home, it is usually a major purchase and it gets really crowded for awhile until we begin to use it up.

After looking for something suitable and not finding it, I decided to draw up a plan of what we needed with dimensions suited to the space in the kitchen. Every time I go to the market in Sector 40, I walk by a yard where I had seen them making window and door frames and figured they might be able to build some shelves. After a weak attempt to explain my drawing and inquire if it could be built, I decided I needed someone who spoke Hindi. Elder Patha volunteered and last Friday, a carpenter showed up who owned the yard I had stopped at. Elder Patha was around so we came to an understanding and negotiated a price for the shelves. He said he would be back and it would take 2-3 days. He asked permission to build the shelves in the driveway. For once, I was surprised at the speed something got done. The carpenter was back in 2 hours with another guy with one of those bicycle pickups with two panels of teak plywood of different thickness, some trim strips, etc. We left about 30 minutes later to go to an appointment and the carpenter was watching his helper mark the thicker panel. By the time we got back several hours later, the shelves were almost together.

Trim work yet to come, but nice start. The carptener is in the orange shirt.

They were back Saturday morning and finished up in a couple of hours. Putting a laquer finish on with a piece of cloth. The staining and finish was all done without a brush ... and I challenge you to try out this position to work from.

When we brought the shelves inside, we turned the overhead fan on to prevent either the kitchen blowing up or us getting high, probably both.
Cindy is really happy with her new, good quality shelves and immediately reorganized the kitchen to take advantage.
Working on a month's food storage. Notice the Campbell Soup, canned in India. A lot of American and English brand names are available in India, but produced in country, not imported.

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