Friday, January 29, 2010

January Wrap

The month is almost over and where has it gone? Seems like a recurring question lately. It was just yesterday we left for Hyderabad.

Scott Smith is returning for 7 weeks. He is still managing the company he did when he was here, but from the states. He knew he would have to come several times a year to be onsite and since the company is involved with tax documents in some way, he will be here for 7 weeks during the tax reporting crunch time in the states. Nice timing as he was called to teach a Temple Preparation class that will begin this Sunday. Here is dedication. He arrives in the early AM Sunday, but will be at church and eager to teach the class. I know those asked to be in the class are excited to have him back and teaching them.

The following are some miscellaneous things that have happened in the last couple of weeks.

Rajat, Mangra, and Ricky Kol showed up for church with their missionary tags on. Wonderful family that we have great hopes for.

Our new Relief Society presidency. L-R Roma Hukil, 1c, Usha, Sec, Ruchi Gupta, 2c, Monica Gupta, President. How would you like to be called as Relief Society president 2 weeks after you were baptized? These are great and wonderful ladies and their willingness to learn and serve is wonderful to see.

A branch activity that turned out to be a bachelor's night with one exception. We missed Sister Tanner who was a little under the weather and wisely stayed home to rest. L-R Dennis, Elder Tamang, Robin, Elder Golapolli, Elder Willie, Elder Godi.

Monday, after District meeting, we celebrated Elder Godi's birthday with lunch out.
The birthday elder, our own Elder Godi!

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