Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Great Sunday

December 27, 2009

Today Rucci and Monica became members of our branch and the weather cooperated with some sunshine, but still very cold in the outdoors, unheated font on our building's rooftop. Another demonstration of faith following on the heels of the Kol family's baptism the week before. No wonder the adversary was trying so hard to disrupt things here knowing these strong spirits were choosing to join the kingdom of God.

L-R Elder Tamang, Rucci, Elder Willie, Monica

We were blessed to have President Jackson come in time for the baptism and join with us. I have no idea where he gets the energy to keep the schedule he does. Well, yes I do have an idea ...

Sourap came back to visit. I love this young man and his strong desire to do the right thing. The future looks very bright for both he and his brother Kunal who are now living in the Delhi 1st Branch area.

President Tanner and Brother and Sister Kol.

L-R Sister Tanner, Ricky Kol, Sangeeta Kol, Elder Tanner, Rajat Kol, and a friend.

More of our faithful branch members.
L-R Roma Hukil, Sonia Hukil, Sheila Hukil some of the kindest, sweetest people you will ever meet.

Another picture of the Kols.

What a great group of young adults!!

And last, but not least, Bhola had to work and missed the branch Christmas activity when the tree was put up. So here you go Bhola my friend, as promised, you are now included.

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