Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas morning and it looks like Santa has found us. Good thing because the elders are coming over for breakfast before we all head off to a Christmas Day zone conference and some fun after.
Before Santa left, we talked him into going upstairs to bring some Christmas cheer to our neighbors, L-R Gauri, Mansa, and Manvi Pande. Their father and husband is a colonel in the army and stationed about 100 km from here. Great family that we really enjoy. Oh, sorry, the dog's name is Sammy.

While the eggs and pancakes are cooking, look what Santa brought the elders.
L-R Elders Tamang, Godi, Golipali, and Willie

Skype got a workout today as both laptops were burning the net.

Getting ready for the Christmas skit that the elders performed in the afternoon with the other districts.

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