Friday, January 29, 2010

District YW New Beginnings Program

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sister Tanner had this event on her calendar from the day she was called as the District YW President. I think she has been working on in it in one way or another for months. It was fascinating watching and listening as she put this evening together and worked with other sister leaders to organize it. I enjoyed being able to help her with some of the gofer preparation work and Sister Tanner's attention to detail and the little touches really made a difference. From the flowers and vase, to laminated book markers, to ribbon wrapped copies of the song, to pendants and special ribbon, to chocolate covered cupcakes, it was amazing. I was truly proud, if I can use that word, of my sweetheart and what she accomplished. She will definitely be missed, but has left an example to follow as she taught by word and deed.

It was gratifying to see all of her work produce a wonderful evening for the young women and those that attended with them. The YW presidency shared conducting the meeting and 8 girls gave talks. Each young lady spoke on one of the YW Values. As each speaker came up, they placed a flower of the color associated with their value in the vase on the podium, a great touch that Sister Tanner arranged for. That was followed by Anu Yaduv singing beautifully the song, Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God. Sister YW President Tanner, District President Katuka, and Mission President Jackson all gave inspiring and touching talks to end the formal program.

One of the Young Women speaking on a YW value. Notice the vase.

President Jackson spoke on the importance of the women in his life beginning with his mother, then sisters, friends, his wife, and daughters.

Sister Katuka, the District president's wife, and Sister Jackson place a ribbon with a heart shaped pendant with the word "Remember" inscribed on it around each girl's neck.

The District YW Presidency, Sister Rojini, Sister Tanner, and Sister Margaret. Great ladies all!!

The future of the church in the Delhi area, believe it. Guys, just see if you can keep up with this group.

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