Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Youth Conference - Saturday

October 3, 2009

Up at 5:30 to get ready for a devotional at 7:00 AM, followed by breakfast, then water fun for an hour. We won't mention when the devotional started other than to say the boys made it from their hotel a bus ride away and were waiting in the conference room for some time before Sister Tanner and some other YW leaders managed to get the girls over from their rooms 100' away. Getting hair and makeup right is a worldwide gender concern and speaking for the guys, we wouldn't want it any other way.

Even the leaders can't resist the water.

A small wave pool and a couple of water slides and young people and watch the fun!

And how late were you up talking last night guys?

The resort required all females using the water facilities to be dressed with synthetic tops and bottoms, no cotton fabric allowed and in swimwear similar to what is shown here.

The grassy area in the background was where the dance was held Friday night.

Another Sinthiya

The youth were divided into 6 groups and each given sheets with copies of an event from the Book of Mormon. They had to prepare and present a skit that told the story and had to identify the book and chapter without referencing their scriptures. Here is Ammon reporting to King Lamoni on cutting off his "servants" arms. That translation must have come from the tin plates.

After a testimony meeting, a last group picture before boarding the buses for home. A couple of memorable comments from the testimony meeting. A young man, "There was fun at this youth conference, but we learned things too. I was planning on a mission, but now I must go." There were several who stated this was the first time they had given their testimony. And one that got a laugh, "After this year, no more seminary, no youth conference, we are becoming adults, no fun anymore."

Three movie clips from the conference. Sorry about the dark dance clips, but you can see, even the backflips by Arpit, if you left click on the image to go full screen and look at it with a good angle, on a laptop anyway. We tried dancing a little swing to the music and the grass was damp and it was a miralce we stayed upright after the first push back, but the youth loved it. After that, Sister Tanner was on her own. Check it out.

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Dennis said...

Elder Tanner, the blog was wonderful. And you have got great sense of humor. You have done wonderful job compiling the whole thing together.