Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Delhi District Youth Conference - Friday

With a 5:00 AM wake-up, we were ready when our car arrived, loaded up, and made it to the Vasant Vihar building before the buses got there and had time to get ready and coordinate with those who helped with registration, distribution of the conference t-shirts, bus loading, etc. After a 1.5 hour trip, we were at the hotel waiting when the buses arrived. The boys (35) got out and the girls (21) combined into a single bus that continued on to the resort, Fun City. The boys followed once they were checked in.

We had time to put up our sign and get ready for the masses when they came.

The opening session of conference in our combo lunch room, meeting hall.

Young Men's president, Praveen Beesa addressing the group.

After the opening session, it was off to the water park. This is a room with sprinklers above and below. They play loud music and the kids go nuts dancing in the rain.

Lunch time!!

Sonia from our Noida Branch.

Our first group picture.

All of the groups rotated so each attended all of the 4 workshops. One workshop had boys only and girls only sessions. Sister Tanner teaching a workshop, girls only.

Give'm Heaven President Beesa!

President Valleta's workshop.

Ashish presenting his workshop.

A sister from Delhi 1st Branch presenting a workshop. Sorry I did not get a name.

2 of the YW advisers.

Sister Jackson, President Jackson, and Sister Tanner enjoy a moment.

President Jackson serving, literally.

Service with jokes and a smile!!

An great anecdote. Friday night, one of the young men advisers was checking rooms to be sure the boys were all in. He was surprised to find a couple of rooms where the young men were reading their scriptures. He was willing to learn from the young. When he got to his room, he read scriptures with the young men there who were more than willing to follow his lead.

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Gretchen and Gerry said...

What classes were taught at the youth Conference?? What was it that Cindy taught??