Sunday, October 18, 2009

Delhi District Diwali Picnic

On Saturday, we went to Nehru Park in Delhi with the Noida elders and members in 2 cars to join the Delhi branches in a district picnic. It was a beautiful setting and I'm guessing around 200 people were there.

Each branch was asked to prepare and present a "dance". We took it literally and with limited members, put together the Noida Branch version of the hokie pokie. We entered the performing area in a line weaving behind Elder Barrick and doing a version of the rhythm from the Dodge Ball movie, slapping our thighs and raising the right hand in a cobra position and doing "hissss". When we were all in a circle, we went silent which got everyone's attention. After a pause, Sister Tanner started out with "You put your right leg in ..." and we all did the hokie pokie through 3 limbs, then invited everyone to come join us. What you see in the video is after a lot of people came from the audience and joined us. Our branch got an award for the most fun dance and we had a great time doing it.

After the branch presentations, lunch was served, good chicken briyani, and then it was cricket, ultimate Frizbee, or just visiting.

Sister Renu and Elder Weeks from the Delhi 1st Branch in Lajpat Nagar.

Things got filled in a lot more from the time the video was made.

Sister Tanner and a family from Nepal who joined the church here in Delhi. I believe Elder Tamang, in the tie, was one of the elders who taught them.

Dennis Thomas, Elder Puri, Robin

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