Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali Lights, Action

After the picnic, we made it home and had a little time to catch our breath before show time. Sister Tanner and I walked down to Mother Dairy to get some things. The elders had come over to use our computer to create some CDs with their collection of pictures on their camera cards, so we left them busy and took the camera. The lights on the video are from that walk. The action captured from the roof of our house was just a fraction of what was visable, literally for 360 degrees around us, but heaviest in the direction I shot the video.

None of the fireworks were part of a sponsored show put on for the public, it was all done by individuals and families living in the area. Enjoy a taste of the Diwali celebration, we certainly did!! There is more to Diwali though than just fireworks, there is also gift giving and Hindu religious activities leading up to it.

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