Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunday Monkey Business

As we were leaving church through a gate, Arpit spotted some monkeys coming towards the building. I hurried back to get Sister Tanner who had the camera. She shot these pictures and then I wound up with the camera to shoot some video when we realized it was a small troop moving through. One old male, the patriarch of the troop passed in front of us a few feet away, then apparently took exception to Sister Tanner and turned and barred his teeth (and I mean long teeth) and snarled at her. We were standing in the gate and I was immediately to the side and behind Sister Tanner, and when he did this, I kind of recoiled a bit, but Sister Tanner did the opposite and snarled right back at the monkey and we're talking large size here. I could not believe she did that, but the male backed off and left. Nothing like a Sister with attitude to set the monkeys straight.

This was not the A male, but a female member of the troop.

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