Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who Needs a Zoo?

Some of the "wild life" on the Agra trip. Raj, our driver, is really great at spotting animals, and stopping, for Sister Tanner to take pictures.

It is amazing camels can even walk. What was it someone said, an animal designed by committee?

Sister Tanner is such a hoot, and fearless. We passed the elephant and by the time Raj pulled over, I saw the elephant pass by us, turn, and stop in front. The handler knew an opportunity when he saw one. 50 rupees later, Sister Tanner had her wish.

Earlier in our trip conversation, Elder Swanborough had said touching an elephant was something he'd love to do. Little did he know what was in store for him today.

"Go on elder, you can do it!" Can't you just hear Sister Tanner offering encougament.

A couple of the ever present monkeys along the road. These stayed thinking we were going to feed them, but unfortunately, we had nothing to pass out.

PS Word of advice, don't ever open your windows when you stop by monkeys.

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