Thursday, July 30, 2009

Super Sunday

Last Friday we finally had a bit of a break in our schedule which was immediately used to prepare for the weekend and Monday ahead. The elders had asked me to do a training at District meeting Monday and after attending many meetings and trainings, they had set the bar way up there so I needed time to prepare. There is no way I could wing it with these great young men, nor would I want to. Sister Tanner had invited the elders to dinner and through a humorous, no other way to view it, series of miscommunications, it turned into an invite to the branch because there was a baptism after church at 1:00 PM and a fireside that evening at 6:30 PM and many of the members travel a considerable distance to get to church. The thinking was they could come eat and hang out until the fireside. So preparations began to feed the masses, but I could not find any 5 loave, 2 fish miracle, combo packages in any of the markets so Sister Tanner decided on Hawaiian Haystacks and a buffet. Sister Tanner also was taking care of treats for the Sunday fireside. Fortunately, the power stayed on Saturday during the prime baking hours as the Easy Bake oven got a real work out, not to mention Sister Tanner.

Saturday, Elder Erekson and Elder Shepherd came by to pick up mail we brought back with us from a mission office trip to Delhi so we gave them a pot, a large package of rice, and an assignment to bring it back cooked on Sunday.

Elder Barrick and Elder Schade with Mena and Johnny Peter. This is the first couple to be baptized in our branch since we've been here. I really like Brother Johnny's hair style.

Some of the extended Peter family. Richard their son, left front, and his wife Nancy in pink, are also progressing towards baptism.

Many of those we expected to come, could not for one reason or another, but we still had 15 for lunch which was a resounding success thanks to Sister Tanner. Here we are playing Uno afterwards while we wait to go back to the church for the fireside. This could be a bachelor's party with 5 eligible members and 2 investigators. Elders don't count in that category yet.

Saurup passed on Uno to take advantage of my laptop and internet connection.

The fireside was a success. President Jackson, the speaker, and his family, and President Katuka and his family came over from Delhi. We had around 45 there which was a great turnout for a Sunday evening event. President Jackson is a great teacher.

When we got home, we almost collapsed. Counting the preparation days and the very long Sunday, we were beat, but felt very good about all that had been accomplished and the little part we played in it.

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