Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Real Work

We had a great Sunday and Monday this week. The best attendance in quite a while and Sister Tanner had a full house for Relief Society with 7 members, 1 who will be baptized next week, and 6 other visitors. There's a good story on the upcoming baptism which will be in a future post.

After church, we had a baptismal service and a great young man, Dennis Thomas, joined our branch. Dennis is an IT guy, so I know he's good. His parents came to support him which speaks a lot about his family. We have an invitation to visit the parents and will do so soon.

District meetings on Monday's are always good. I am constantly amazed at the effort the elders put into their work and the training and practice we have each meeting.

After District meeting, the elders go to lunch. We were invited to join them at Papa John's in the Atta Market area. Sister Tanner's favorite pizza is Papa John's so our arm did not need to be twisted.

Elder Swanborough and Elder Chilumula complete their mission on August 11th. We're taking bets on whether Elder Swanborough's shoes make it. They've already been stitched up 4 times.

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