Monday, August 31, 2009

A Thought to End the Month

or to begin September with.

At district meeting today, one discussion had been on how to get members and investigators to church on time. As we were concluding, Elder Smith shared the following experience from his time in Dwarka.

Elder Smith and his companion noticed that an investigator and his family had come to church early 2 Sundays in a row, something that would definitely stand out here in India. In a conversation with the man, without the elders directly asking him why, he shared the following.

He was someone who made calls on clients in his job and always made sure he was at least 5 minutes early for any appointment because he did not want to waste their valuable time. He continued that he considered coming to church to be an appointment with God and he did not ever want to be late for his appointment.

As a postscript, the family did join the church and they continue to set a great example for others in terms of consistently arriving early.

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Galloping Grandparents (GG) said...

We need to get that out to ALL the wards an branches in the church!!!