Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trip to Rajasthan Miscellaneous Pics

Here a few pictures from the trip that didn't make it into one of the other 3 posts. Some interesting sights along the way.

The Indians are masters at getting the absolute max out of any vehicle contrivance.

The harvest is on.

The large pile on the left is the wheat after the threshers have finished. Next it will be bagged and hauled off. The chaff or whatever the leftover is called, is also retained for fodder for the cattle during summer.

That camel looks so pleased with himself. His owner was a happy guy and posed for us while we were stopped to get a drink on the way back.

I didn't notice the cross the guy on the left was wearing until I uploaed the pictures. Guess we missed an ITL opportunity. We're advised to drink the Coke to kill intestinal bugs. Don't know what else it is killing though.

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