Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve

December 31, 2008

Sister Tanner has cooked many "sweets" and dinners for the elders. New Year's eve afternoon, it was agreed that we would put up the chicken and the Indian elders would teach Sister Tanner how to cook chicken curry and a second dish called dal, kind of like soupy refried beans made with lentils and surprisingly, not that spicey. By 2:30 in the afternoon, the cooks are busy at it while Sister Tanner takes notes and observes.

Here are Elders Patha and Siyyadri doing their thing and impressing Sister Tanner.

Meanwhile, the other elders are busy with board games like Blokus. Looks serious to me.

This is what we've been waiting for. Look at that large bowl of curry chicken, YES!!
Front - Elders Joseph, Walker, and Dyck, and Robin. His baptism was recorded in a previous post. Great young man.

Back - Elders Patha, Sarver, and Siyyadri, and Sister Tanner.

Sister Tanner tried some of the curry chicken, but had to drink lots of water to sooth her burning lips, mouth, and throat. It actually wasn't that spicey to me or maybe I'm just getting more accustomed to it. Elder Joseph had to add chilli to his serving to spice it up to his taste so I know the elders had toned it down a lot for us.

After a great dinner, the elders tried a game of spoons ...

which eventually led to "ultimate" spoons where they had to run down the hall to get to them. It got pretty wild and they had a great time. An hour later they were all out doing missionary work.

One thing I really enjoy is washing dishes with Sister Tanner. We have two plastic tubs, one to wash in and one to rinse. Both get a shot of the equivalent of cholox. My companion washes and I get to dry and put away. A dishwasher would be nice, but I would honestly miss the time working beside her.

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