Friday, January 2, 2009

A Dog's Tale

Before getting into the Christmas season and recapping all the events of the past 3 weeks, here are a couple of things that got bypassed along the way.

When I've talked about air quality and not seeing blue sky on a sunny day, here is a fall/winter visual of what we live in most of the time. I guess it's Noida, LA style.

India has stray dogs, or street dogs, all over the place. On our street, we have 2 dogs that share the block in approximate halves, one upper and one lower. We had seen a small, skinny puppy wandering out front and decided to give it something to eat. The 4 elders who live upstairs quickly gave him a name, Tramp. He progressed from eating at the front gate to coming in the yard and eating from a dish near the side entrance. There is a foyer of sorts for the stairwell and the property manager had something in there with a blanket covering it. In no time, Tramp was laying on the edge of the blanket and soon had a place to stay at night when his street roaming was done for the day. We invested in a dish to put his food and water in and watched with satisfaction as he filled out and the ribs were no longer visible. He was a fun and cute puppy and a very diligent watch dog. One night, the water delivery guy for the elders came late, after 10 PM, and Tramp was in the foyer on his blanket when the guy arrived. I'm surprised he didn't wet himself. That dog was going to eat anyone who dared step into the foyer!
It was quite an experience watching him go from a scared, reticent, hungry, malnourished pup, to one that would play with you and would come running to us when he saw us coming up the street or follow us when we left. I invested in a new bag of puppy chow and the night I brought the bag home, I gave him dinner from it. The next morning, he was gone and we haven't seen him since. No idea where he is or what happened to him. A real bummer because we had gotten attached to the little guy.

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